Message From The President



What a time we have been thrust into! Our regular lives have been put on hold as we all had to stay home, avoid social contact, and wonder how we would get thru such a disruptive period in our lives. Those whose family and friends actually contracted the Corona Virus and recovered know how precious life is.

The cover of our Yearbook gives us a beautiful scene to remind us that Mother Nature still continues on. The delicate Mimosa tree, called the Persian Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin) with its incredibly beautiful and fragile flowers can inspire us to let our thoughts rise above all the turmoil that can happen in our lives. Let the sweet fragrance of those blooms fill us with joy and peace!

As we look forward to seeing each other at our meetings, we anticipate having new experiences to share in Sunset Garden Club. Dedicated members who step up to fill the leadership roles make our club run smoothly.

The Speakers for our monthly meetings will be members of our own club. There are many talented people who will come forth and present some very interesting programs showcasing their special interests. Looking forward to a very exciting year!

This will be my final year as your President. Your smiling faces continue to cheer me on! Thank you all for your help and encouragement!

​Happy gardening!

Nancy Bovill


Sunset Garden Club