Message From The President


Continuing on in my second year as President of Sunset Garden Club, I am very pleased to see how well the past year has gone.  Our members were very welcoming, and the Officers and Committees all very supportive and encouraging.

Now as I look ahead to this year I am again surrounded by smiling faces and willing hands to help keep Sunset Garden Club strong.  This will be the 25th year of the Annual Flower Show.  What an accomplishment! It will be very special! Save the date: April 8.  Plans are already in place for our Fall Yard and Plant Sale (October 22).  Our green thumbers are putting their attention to snipping off little tendrils of their plants to start new versions.  Visitors to our Yard and Plant Sale are eager to try their luck at gardening with these little creations.

And that is what gardening is all about.  Going off to the plant stores and nurseries, getting the tools assembled, putting on the gloves, and creating a little piece of heaven right here in our homes and out in our gardens.  What simple joy to plant a handful of seeds or finish potting up a plant! Stand back and smile!  Take pride in your part in nurturing this earth, and preserving it for future generations.

Happy Gardening!

Nancy Bovill


Sunset Garden Club