Annual Flower Show

APRIL 7, 2018

“Standard Flower Show” is the official title of a flower show conforming to standards established by National Garden Clubs, Inc.  It is a competitive exhibition that gives club members an opportunity to exhibit plants, floral arrangements and informative displays on horticulture, gardening and projects by local and state garden clubs.  It must be planned and staged by an NGC member club or group of clubs. Fresh plant material must be emphasized throughout the show. The show must include a Horticulture Division and a Design Division.  It must be judged by a panel or panels of NGC approved judges, and it must be judged by the NGC Standard System of Awarding.  Flower shows help spread the word about the joys of gardening and serve as forums for learning and discussing the latest horticultural and design trends.


This year the flower show theme was Bon Voyage. 

The Horticulture Division was called "Sail Away" with the following categories:

  • "Pulling Up Stakes" -- trees and shrubs
  • "Gathering No Moss" -- ornamental foilage
  • "The Great Plains of the World" -- cut blooms

The Design Division was called "Flying Solo" and consisted of floral designs that represented the following categories:  "View from the Sky", "South Pacific Islands" and "Where Am I?". 

The Educational Division Exhibit was called  "Flying Carpets" and instructed how to repurpose plastic bags into waterproof mats for our homeless population.

The Botanical Arts Division included a photographic exhibit called "Oh, the Memories". 

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